Soul Project - Gurugram
23rd Feb 2020

An all-day event that presented a unique and holistic wellness experience, was hosted by Mehak Chaudhry, Founder, Soul Project to celebrate India’s biggest yoga and wellness festival at Horizon Plaza in Gurugram.

Soul Project united more than 20 plus Wellness and Fitness experts from across India in an immersive and holistic wellness experience for the audience. The aim of the event was to gather like-minded people to motivate them to make healthy choices and adopt conscious living. Participants were exposed to a plethora of activities and options catering to health, wellness and fitness.

What Happened at Soul Project
25+ Classes & Workshops | 20+ Trainers | Live Music | Kids Arena | Health & Food Village

Soul Project festival was attended by 500+ people. It united a community through a multitude of activities, including new and unique trends in fitness and wellness, healthy gastronomic delights, creative expression in the form of art and dance and much more, dedicated to holistic wellness.

Main Stage

The main stage showcased yoga-based workshops involving different techniques. These were conducted by some of India’s top and leading Yogis and fitness trainers like Nidhi Mohan (Strength Workout), Sunaina Rekhi (Spine it up), Mihir Jog (Alignment techniques), Malini Ramani (Kundalini yoga), Ira Trivedi, Pradeep Mehta (Laughter Yoga), Yoga by Sapna (Yoga dance and water sequence) amongst several others. The main stage also saw a performance by Trippy Sama – a world music project that syncs music from all over the world.

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Healing Garden

The Healing Garden comprised a mix of activities catering to spiritual development (Spiritual Fitness by Ektaa Sibal) to nutrition (Harlene Bhasin), Yin Yoga (Ankita Gulati), meditation and sound therapy (Gong and Sound Journey by Sanj Hall) and many more. The audience was introduced to healing techniques, some of which the audience was familiar with, and others that were novel and unique. 

Aerial and Acro Yoga

Keeping up with the latest trends in Yoga, Soul Project also included aerial, anti- gravity and acro yoga workshops. The audience enjoyed these different and fun Yoga forms as well. Kavita Das and Delhi Rock conducted the aerial Yoga workshop while Kanika Gupta did the acro Yoga workshop. Yoga Palette By Sonia Kaur enthralled the audience with anti-gravity yoga techniques.

Kids’ Arena

Soul Project’s soulful Sunday also aimed for an enriching and productive experience for children and young people. Yoga and meditation workshops were held for children and young people. Heartfulness and Ektaa Sibal conducted meditation workshops called ‘Brighter Minds’ and ‘Mindful Lil Ones’ respectively. Other kids’ workshops included Anshika Bagla’s ‘Yoga for Lil Bears workshop’ and ‘creative dance and movement’ by Sonam, Mozartsy.

Fit District

Soul Project’s focus was on overall fitness including spiritual, mental and physical. This is why body strengthening activities were also integral to the event. Moreover, both kids and adults participated. Ganesh Chhetri took the climbing workshops while Parkour workshops were supervised by Mujahid Habib.

Take the mess out of stress

Panel Discussion On Stress Management

Prana Centre for Integrative Medicine Prana an interactive panel discussion on managing stress and enhancing wellbeing. Stress can have harmful long term impacts on our skin, fitness, cognitive fitness, gene expression and increase the risk of lifestyle diseases. The panel brought together experts from various fields to empower the audience with the tools to build better health, resilience and wellbeing.

The speakers included Prana’s CEO and Founding Director Dr. Ashima Shukla and Dr. Ashutosh Shukla, Director of Medicine, Artemis Hospital and other renowned personalities from the sphere of wellness such as:

  • Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan – Medical Director, Livenutrifit Center of Obesity and Longevity 
  • Blossom Kochhar – Chairperson, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies
  • Vessna Jacob – Holistic Fitness Expert

Healthy Food and Beverage

Healthy, conscious and organic food sourced from reliable vendors such as Greenr Cafe, Raw Pressery, Foodhall, Zeaside, Darima Cheese, Kaffacerrado Coffee, Canery Juice etc, was available at the venue. Participants indulged in nutritious and healthy food which perfectly complemented the workshops and their purpose.


Internationally popular music band Prem Joshua performed live at Soul Project giving the event a truly global and spiritual vibe. Prem Joshua is known for the fusion style of music combining the best of East and West. The audience was left mesmerized by the performance.

Top Trainers

Classical Hatha Yoga

Nutritionist and Strength Coach

Yoga and Fitness Coach

Meditation Expert

Event Partners
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