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Soul Project TV is your guide to health and wellness that is achievable in your very home. Follow the lead of celebrated names in the world of wellness therapies to a healthier and happier you. Empower yourself by building resilience, mindfulness and inner strength.

Surya Namaskar Journey

Duration : 27:30 mins Sunaina Rekhi Sunaina Rekhi helps you perfect the...

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Desk Stretches to help while we work at home! Killing the sedentary lifestyle

Duration : 27:30 mins Ankita Gulati With Work From Home (WFH) becoming...

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20 Minute Full Body For Beginners – Morning Flow

Duration : 27:30 mins Nidhi Mohan Kamal The perfect starting point for...

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Kundalini techniques Through Quarantine

Duration : 3:10 mins MALINI RAMANI Kundalini expert, Malini Ramani walks you...

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Sound Bath With Gong Master

Duration : 17 mins Sanj Hall Gong Yogi and sound artist Sanj...

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Parenting Through Quarantine

Duration : 17 mins EKTAA SIBAL Listen to a truly inspirational talk...

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