The benefits of meditation are well known by now. It is common knowledge that meditation helps fight anxiety, insomnia, stress and other negative emotions in adults. Meditation in younger children can be effective in preventing these negative emotions or helping them cope better as adults.

Let’s face it. Life has become chaotic for most of us – adults and children alike. As parents, guardians, teachers, friends, aunts, uncles etc, we are seeing a lot of young children becoming aggressive and dealing with emotions they shouldn’t at such a tender age.

Meditation in Modern Times

Meditation has taken on a whole new meaning in modern times. Earlier, the word meditation quickly made us visualize a monk in saffron robes sitting on top of a mountain and chanting with his eyes closed for hours on end. 

However, increased knowledge dissemination and experience sharing with respect to meditation has changed this perception completely.One need not be a monk or visit a place of worship to meditate. 

Meditation is about building mental strength, discipline and attaining a state of calmness while remaining alert. You could sit by your window and feel absolutely calm and centered, or listen to spiritual music with your headphones on and discipline your mind.

How Can Meditation Help Young Children

Meditation helps build qualities like self-esteem, confidence, mindfulness and many more positive characteristics in a person. Imagine if we were to nurture a child with meditation. It would be like watering a plant from the time it is merely a sapling, and watching it bloom into beautiful and vibrant flowers.

Children who meditate not only have a great childhood but also a more peaceful adult life. Meditation can transform children as people and change their lives for the better.

Why Meditation is Important for Children

Unfortunately, a fast-paced life, early overexposure to the world through mass and social media, shrinking family values, peer pressure in a fiercely competitive environment etc, lead to aggression and stress in children. In fact, contrary to common belief that childhood is the most carefree phase in one’s life, it has its own set of challenges. 

Several children are victims of abuse for example. They start having nightmares, disturbed sleep patterns and anger issues which carry into their adult lives. Very often, these negative emotions have serious repercussions on their social relationships; marital problems or difficulties in the workplace for example.

Some benefits that will convince you to urge your children to meditate are as follows:

  1. Meditation can help your children deal with difficult situations and make them stronger people. It can also help children release stress resulting from such situations.
  2. A strong mind means a strong body results in a strong immune system that can ward of mental and physical diseases.
  3. Meditation can enhance your child’s overall performance in school as a student and an individual. 
  4. It can make a huge difference to your child’s personality and help him or her form healthy relationships with their friends and peers.
  5. Regular meditation helps children feel centered and get proper sleep. Sufficient sleep can do wonders for your child’s health.

Meditation is a holistic health tool for your children. So catch them young and start now!

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