Wellness is defined as “the state of being healthy” 2020 is certainly going e an exciting year for the wellness industry and its stakeholders. People are investing both time and money in different wellness trends more than ever. There are no compromises when it comes to staying fit, healthy and happy. 

Right from food, fitness, well being — wellness lovers are open to exploring new and emerging trends in wellness. Wellness encompasses everything, from  food and nutrition, physical activity, meditation,music, sound and more -it’s hard to quantify wellness as wellness trends are constantly evolving.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 wellness trends to watch out for in 2020!

Mindful Eating

As people become more aware and conscious of what they put into their bodies, mindful eating will be a huge wellness trend in to observe in 2020. Compassion toward animals, and the general awareness of the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet is turning people into vegetarians and vegans. ON the other hand, the keto diets

Nutritional Supplements

First it was acai berries, then came green coffee, followed by apple cider and now we are seeing a fast growing trend of customized vitamins, mineral supplements in tablet and powder form. Wellness enthusiasts are supplementing their already healthy diet with these diet essentials to detox for a healthy body and glowing skin.

Digital Wellness 

Digital assistants, online subscriptions and a heavy reliance on wellness and fitness apps will is a trend that will be extremely popular in 2020. With billions of smartphone users downloading wellness apps e.g. Meditation apps and sleep music apps at the speed of light, seeking wellness on your mobile device is a wellness trend that is here to stay. 

Alternative Healing and Wellness Therapies

As more and more trends and methodologies in wellness emerge, people are becoming increasingly drawn towards them. They’re willing to explore everything from reiki to Tibetan healing bowl therapy, chakra cleansing instead of going for normative therapies.

Holistic Holidaying

Vacations have taken on a whole new meaning for the wellness-obsessed. Not only are they ensuring a healthful daily life but there are no compromises on wellness when they are holidaying either. Eco resorts complete with spas, ayurvedic villages promising beauty and wellness therapies combined with yoga and meditation are all the rage. Holistic holidaying as a wellness trend does not seem to be slowing down for a long time.

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