Life, as we know it, has changed. Let’s embrace the new normal.
We don’t want your wellness journey to stop. Let’s continue to heal from home.

Soul Project Digital

Continue the journey. Heal from home

Soul Project Digital is the virtual edition of Soul Project – India’s Biggest Yoga and Wellness Festival. At Soul Project Digital, we are committed to delivering holistic wellness experiences to our tribe in challenging times. 

As India’s First Virtual Wellness Festival, Soul Project Digital seeks to invigorate and motivate our community of practitioners, followers and enthusiasts to continue their wellness journeys through the digital medium.

Soul Project TV

Explore varied therapies and techniques to enrich mind, body and soul anytime, anywhere from leading experts in the world of wellness.

India's First Virtual Wellness Festival
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Core Elements
Learn different variations of yoga to rejuvenate your body and increase the focus and self-discipline.
Explore different techniques of meditation and master your mind to overcome negative thoughts and emotions.
Music Therapy
Experience the healing power of music and the transformation it can bring to your life
Community Building
Bond and connect with a community of individuals who share similar values and goals for holistic advancement.
Make your life a celebration of your being for yourself and those around you. Transform from within.
Inner Strength
Feel centred and develop emotional and mental strength to overcome hurdles.
The combination of therapies will soothe your senses, empower you spiritually, relax your mind, body and rejuvenate the soul.
Leading Wellness Experts
A collective of leading personalities of the wellness industry curates a holistic and immersive virtual wellness experience.

Classical Hatha Yoga

Nutritionist and Strength Coach

Yoga and Fitness Coach

Meditation Expert

Be Part Of Soul Project
We take great care in aligning the values of our partners with the tribe ethos.
Visual Art
Photo / Video
Body Art
Press / Media
Health Food
Health Products


  • Sponsorship

    Align your brand with India’s First Virtual Wellness Festival and enhance brand visibility on an upscale wellness experience platform. Reach out to a growing community of wellness enthusiasts.

  • Media / Press

    We invite members of the Media and Press to join us onboard Soul Project and cover an exciting event catering to the yoga, wellness, and conscious living niche.

  • Partner With Us

    Soul Project is a unique, one-of-a-kind event. The event’s participants include health and wellness enthusiasts. We look forward to working with highly passionate individuals and collective entities to bring their awesome energy to Soul Project.

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